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The role of amino acids of the benefits of non-essential amino acids

Author:HuaYang Chemical    Source:www.huayangchems.com    Time:2015-4-14    Baidu Search

C amino acid metabolism of glucose, prevent the toxin accumulation, and strengthen the immune system. Arginine prevent erectile dysfunction, increase sperm count and help lose weight. Aspartic acid increase stamina, restore the cell vitality and blood detoxification. Cysteine is a powerful antioxidant reconciliation agents, it promote the construction of burning fat and muscle, it is important for healthy skin and hair. Glutamate is a central nervous system, excitatory neurotransmitters of the brain and spinal cord. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle, helps to establish and maintain muscle tissue, and increased brain function and mental activity. Amino acid increase glycogen storage product, make glucose to produce energy. Ornithine metabolism of the body fat, too much to stimulate insulin secretion. Proline production of collagen, make skin look younger. Serine provide protection for myelin nerve fibers. Taurine is beneficial to heart health, and the tyrosine melanin production and improving mood.

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